Reiki is a universal healing energy, available to all. You can receive a treatment from someone attuned to Reiki, or receive an attunement yourself from a Reiki Master. Reiki treatments and attunements support your holistic health and personal growth. If you choose to be attuned to Reiki this becomes a wonderful way to care for yourself and to support the wellbeing of others.

As a Reiki Master, Ruth offers training in Usui Reiki from Level 1 to Reiki Teaching Master.

Attunements for health are also available where health issues have arisen and you wish to receive a deeper benefit than from a treatment, but do not wish to take part in training.

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Reiki Training

Would you like to share the healing benefits of Reiki treatments and attunements with others?

Contact Ruth for personal training, from Level 1 to Reiki Teaching Master

Reiki Health Attunements

available Palmwoods and Maleny

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